Granja de Briz - MARIN

Integrated in nature we find La Granja de Briz a paradise that features funny children's games.

It features an adventure zone with lakes, water slides and games integrated into nature, natural and artificial lagoon and the slope of the senses. An open-air auditorium with a somewhat unusual scenario and stands it is very comfortable to enjoy concerts and shows. All on a surface of 23,690 square meters. Certainly an interesting place for recreation, leisure and recreation.

The estate consists of three houses, the first and "main house" house "cellar" and the third and final in house location called "home"; It is surrounded by a wall (which is still standing and was built in the same era as the oldest house, known as "house wine") and inside we can find plenty of fruit trees, native species and vines, as well as a small lake.

A little history.

This farm was the old farm Coast Osera monks that after the Confiscation was bought by D. Roberto Munaiz in 1838. The Munaiz family stands on the site housing that is known with the name "Villa Paula", name, this, who shared both the owner's wife and a granddaughter.

In 1942, a descendant, Dna. Ana M ª Saraiva Munaiz, married to D. Marcelino Briz, decided to build a villa on the estate, which will become his summer residence, and that will always be remembered for his nightly dances society, with the assistance of prominent personalities time: military, political, business, and family friends.

In October 1999 the estate passed the municipal ownership to be acquired Saraiva brothers Briz 150 million pesetas. Since that received by the municipality the name of Finca de Briz, thus losing the link with the surname Munaiz had maintained over many years.